Removable Vinyl name labels

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Regular price $5.00

Removable Vinyl name labels! 

Keep your valuable items named by using our vinyl name labels. Include cute clip art images to add a bit of personality. Choose your font, size, clip art and name. 

Size of design: 

Removable vinyl

xs - 5x10cm $5 

small - 7x7cm $8 

medium - 8x14cm $15 

large - 10x20cm $20 

If you wish to order a custom size please let us know by contacting us directly for pricing, please also ensure the size you have ordered will fit on the item you wish to use it for. 

please read the application instructions included with your order carefully.  

please note sizes may vary slightly depending on what you have ordered and how it fits within the size template. 

There are shimmer and glitter vinyl’s available - we can cut these however these vinyl’s are slightly more expensive. 

Take a look at the selection of fonts available - we do have other, these we have found are the most popular/practical - please post in comments of your order your font choice.

Removable Vinyl:


lime green 


pink (fuscha)



navy blue

marine blue  


parchment (cream)



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