Air Spot

BLING it on

Regular price $300.00
Our Air spots currently come in one size 100cmx20cm
  • The Air Spot is a round version of our Air track and air floor, they serve as comfortable pads for people who prefer standing at work!PVC tarpaulin. Better airtightness and durability since reinforcement are made for all seams.
  • Durable Material: PVC material similar to the material of inflatable dingy’s and SUP boards. This means they’re able to be used in a variety of conditions. 
  • Easy Inflate/Deflate: Only takes several minutes to inflate or deflate the home gym. After inflation the air spot should maintain its pressure for days. 
  • The Air Spot can be placed on the gym floor, the artistic gymnastics floor, in high-performance training, gymnastic exercises, dance studios, fitness clubs, schools, leisure centers, home entertainment, professional training, park or back garden and can be used for more than just tumbling drills. 

  • Manual pump included

If you don’t want a manual pump please use the discount code NOPUMP for $20 discount 

  • available in all the same colours as our airtracks 


Our air spot products are made to your order! This enables us to be able to get the right product for you! You are able to choose your size and colour to your taste. 

ordering to your specifications allows us to get the perfect fit for you, however this does mean our orders can take around 3-4 weeks to arrive in the country customs. Please ensure your order is placed within plenty of time of your specific date to avoid disappointment. 

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